Welcome to the shareholder portal of Hove A/S

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Welcome to the shareholder portal of Hove A/S
We would like to welcome you as a shareholder of Hove A/S and inform you about how you can make sure that you will receive relevant information.

How to use the shareholder portal
As a shareholder, you can via the shareholder portal view your shareholdings, sign up to receive notice of general meetings, register for the general meeting or submit a proxy.

With regard to the environment and costs, we have chosen that communication with our many shareholders is ONLY done electronically. Therefore, it is important that you log in to the shareholder portal and register your email address.

Please note that your shares must be registered so that you can vote at the general meeting and receive information from us. If you are unable to log in, this may be because your shares are not registered. Please contact your bank and ask them to register the shares in your name. You will typically be able to log in to the shareholder portal with NemID after 24 hours.

The shareholder portal has been developed by Computershare A/S. If you need support, you are welcome to contact Computershare at info@computershare.dk. For other questions about Hove A / S, you are welcome to visit our website or contact us at hove@hove-as.dk.