Welcome to Seluxit A/S’ shareholder portal

We would like to welcome you as a shareholder at Seluxit and inform you about how you can make sure that you will receive relevant information.

For that purpose, you can use the shareholder portal

As a shareholder, you can use the shareholder portal to

  • see your shares’ portfolio

  • ensure that you will receive an invitation to the general meetings

  • register for the general meetings or appoint a proxy

Log in and register your e-mail address

Having both the environment and expenses in mind, we have chosen to communicate with our many shareholders ONLY by electronic means.

Therefore it is important that you log in to the shareholder portal and register your email address. You can log in by using either your NemID or a username and password.

Please note that your shares must be registered by name in order for you to be able to vote at the general assembly as well as receive information from the company. If you cannot log in, it may be because your shares are not registered by name. In this situation you will have to contact your bank and ask them to register you. You should generally be able to log in, a day later with the use of your NemID.


The shareholder portal is developed by Computershare A/S. If you are in need support, please contact Computershare on A/S at info@computershare.dk.

For other questions about Seluxit, you are welcome to visit our website or contact us at investor@seluxit.com 


Best regards

Seluxit A/S

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