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The shareholder portal is your online resource to access information about your shareholding, to ensure that you receive notices to general meetings and to register for general meetings or assign a proxy.

Electronic investor information
Our shareholders can choose to receive investor information electronically. For example, you may subscribe to receive notices to general meetings, company announcements and the Alm. Brand Group’s electronic shareholder newsletter, Alm. Brand Investor.

Alm. Brand sends notices to general meetings by e-mail. It is therefore important that you register your e-mail address at the shareholder portal. You need to log on to register.

At our website, you can register your e-mail address to receive company announcements and other investor communications from Alm. Brand electronically. Click here to register for an e-mail subscription.  

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You can login to the shareholder portal by using NemID or by entering a username and password. If you have lost your user login or wish to request a new user login for the shareholder portal, go to Forgotten password/Request login.

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